Turnaround Mutual Funds: Few in Number, but Good Returns


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Turnaround Mutual Funds; Few in Number, but Good Returns

While we normally focus on individual stocks, we also constantly stress the importance of diversification. We suspect that many subscribers like to use mutual funds, which provide built-in diversification. Therefore, from time to time we highlight mutual funds that may be of interest for turnaround investors. In April 2011 we identified a group of mutual funds that focused, at least to some degree, on turnaround situations. Then, in March of this year, we wrote up a number of funds that were in turnaround mode themselves. These funds had strong long-term records but were trying to rebound from poor results in 2011. In this article we revisit the funds with a turnaround focus. Then, we will revisit the rebound funds early in 2013 to see how they did this year.

It remains surprisingly difficult to find funds that focus on turnarounds. (Although perhaps we shouldn’t be so surprised. Maybe the scarcity of turnaround-oriented funds just proves our assertion that most mainstream investors shy away from turnaround situations--thereby giving them unusually good profit potential.

On the whole, our group of turnaround funds has done well recently. Of the 12 funds on our list, eight of them have outperformed the S&P 500 so far this year--and that is after subtracting the funds’ management fees. (We recognize that most funds compare their results to a variety of specialized benchmarks, but we believe that any fund that can outperform the S&P is doing pretty well.) This article is excerpted from the October 2012 issue of The Turnaround Letter. Read the full subscriber-only version for fund descriptions and full purchase recommendation details.





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Turnaround Investing Blog

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While one of the many dozens of activist funds might find their way to selecting your particular stock, this approach is likely to be frustrating and unrewarding. A better approach is to buy after the activist makes their move. Once an activist takes a stake in a company, how do you evaluate whether it is worthwhile to follow on? Admittedly, this is a bit of an art... Learn how you can harness the power of activist investors to find market-beating turnaround stocks.

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