Ten Simple Tips That Will Ensure Turnaround Investing Success

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Fellow Investor,

Year in and year out, many of the biggest winners on Wall Street are troubled companies that have turned themselves around and returned to favor with investors.  Obviously not every troubled company is going to turn into a success story; therefore, one of the keys to successful distressed investing is identifying the companies that have real turnaround potential. 


There is indeed a science to identifying turnaround investment opportunities, but you definitely do not have to be a Wall Street analyst to succeed in this sector.

I invite you to download my free 10 Ways to Spot Turnaround Opportunities report in which I discuss what I look for in a troubled company that tells me if it has real turnaround potential.

The tidbits contained in this report will serve as your “cheat sheet” when considering any and all investing decisions. They certainly have served me well over the last 25 years.


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Consider how well The Turnaround Letter recommended stocks have performed:

  • 10.6% return over the last 10 years is more than 8 times higher than the S&P return during that same period.

  • Ranked by the Hulbert Financial Digest as the 2nd best performing investment newsletter over the last 20 years.

  • Our last six sale recommendations Teradyne, Flextronics, Williams Company, Ariba, Inc., Global Crossing and On Assignment, Inc., had returns of 328%, 247%, 92%, 138%, 103% and 99% respectively. 

 Thank you and happy investing.

George Putnam, III, Editor
The Turnaround Letter




Why are you giving away this report for free?
It is just our way of promoting The Turnaround Letter.  The more you know about how we think and why we make the recommendations that we do, the more you will be interested in becoming a member of our community.

Will I be charged in any way?
This report is absolutely FREE.  We do not ask for a credit card, a check or any form of payment.

Why do I need to register and why do you need my e-mail?
The report and registration are FREE and by registering you will not only get the report but you be able to take advantage of other features on The Turnaround Letter website that are available to registered viewers only.

After giving you my e-mail, will I be spammed?
We hate spam as much as you so we will protect your privacy.  Privacy policy


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Turnaround Investing Blog

Turnaround Investing Blog

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While one of the many dozens of activist funds might find their way to selecting your particular stock, this approach is likely to be frustrating and unrewarding. A better approach is to buy after the activist makes their move. Once an activist takes a stake in a company, how do you evaluate whether it is worthwhile to follow on? Admittedly, this is a bit of an art... Learn how you can harness the power of activist investors to find market-beating turnaround stocks.

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George notes, "We see additional upside for the stock in 2018 as management's efforts continue to bear fruit, though the gains will likely be more muted than we saw in 2017."