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Spin-Off Turnarounds: Finding Value In Corporate Castoffs

An enduring source of good investment ideas is corporate spin-offs. In these transactions, a company divests one of its businesses by distributing it to shareholders. Following are six post-spin-off stocks that are out-of-favor yet have changes underway or potential catalysts that could produce interesting turnarounds.
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Stock moved to sell recommendation after return to pre-disaster levels.

Sale Recommendation - June 2018

This IT service management company has had an impressive turnaround, and we recommend the sale of its shares.
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These companies with high surplus cash could be solid value-stock picks for investors

Value In Cash-Laden Companies

With cash balances greater than their debt, these companies have the financial flexibility to weather the challenges without great concern about principal or interest payments. And once the storm clouds clear, shareholders could see a sizable profit.
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Conduent 4Q17 Results--Making Clear Progress

In its first year as an independent company following its spin-off from Xerox, technology services firm Conduent (NYSE: CNDT) is making clear progress on improving its operating profitability and generating cash. Conduent is transitioning along the path that management outlined a year ago. We expect continued progress in 2018.
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Fuji Xerox Deal--Makes Sense But Picture Unclear--Moving to HOLD

Document technology company Xerox (NYSE: XRX) reported better 4Q17 revenues and profits. More strategically relevant: It announced that it will combine with long-time joint venture partner Fuji Xerox. Xerox shareholders will receive a cash dividend of approximately $9.80/share and will own 49.9% of the combined company. The combination makes a lot of sense to us as the Fuji Xerox partnership created an added layer of expenses and complexity that hobbled both its own success and Xerox Corp.'s performance. We're not entirely convinced that this deal will be completed, and the financial picture of the new combined company remains unclear; so we moving Xerox shares to a HOLD for now.
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Xerox 3Q17 Earnings: Respectable With Better Outlook Than Market Is Seeing

Office equipment maker Xerox (NYSE:XRX) reported a respectable quarter with modest improvements to profits on a 5% revenue decline. While smart one-time cash flow reductions appear to have surprised investors, the company’s future looks good with strong cash flows ahead and the stock selling at less than half the market’s high 19x earnings.
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Stocks are often somewhat weak after a reverse split.

News Notes & Updates - June 2017

We still like this large cap stock and would view any post-split weakness as a good opportunity to buy more. 
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Identify & Profit from Distressed Investing

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Turnaround Investing Blog

Turnaround Investing Blog

Is there value in bankrupt PG&E’s stock?

In nearly every case, the shares of a company in bankruptcy become worthless. In very rare cases, however, they can become great investments. W.R. Grace (NYSE:GRA) shares produced a 75-fold return, as an example. With California utility PG&E (NYSE:PCG) now in bankruptcy, the range of possible outcomes for its equity is wide.

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EV/EBITDA: What Is It & Why Are We Using It More?

In reading recent editions of The Turnaround Letter, you have probably noticed that we are increasingly using EV/EBITDA as a valuation measure, rather than the better-known price/earnings multiple.  We thought it might be useful to describe this measure and why we like it.

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Turnaround Letter Stock Pick Named Top Performer of 2017


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What Last Year's Top Stock Pickers Are Buying in 2018


This Forbes write-up follows up on the recent Top Stock Tips report--naming The Turnaround Letter's Crocs recommendation the top performer of 2017: With 90% gains, CROX beat out 100 other investment ideas included in the report; and the stock continues to have value investing appeal, according to Putnam.


George notes, "We see additional upside for the stock in 2018 as management's efforts continue to bear fruit, though the gains will likely be more muted than we saw in 2017."