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February 2018

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Like all small-caps, this stock carries significant risks.

Purchase Recommendation - February 2018

This oil & gas stock pick checks many of our turnaround candidate boxes. First, it recently emerged from bankruptcy, which usually brings a discounted price but also a fresh start. Additionally, the company is led by a new CEO. Importantly, the Company has maintained its strong post-exit balance sheet and its immediate plan is to increase its strategic options by boosting free cash flow and financial strength. 
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Turnaround Investing Articles

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We would rather wait for the defaults and bankruptcies to happen.

High Yield Bonds: Two Pictures Signal Caution

While we generally like high yield bonds as a place to invest--the BofA/Merrill Lynch High Yield Index has a solid 10-year annualized total return of 7.8%, high yield returns tend to be somewhat cyclical.  And, to quote an experienced high yield investor we know, the cycles “tend to end badly.”  The two graphs in this article suggest that we may be coming to a bumpy end to the current good times in the high yield market. 
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The frenzy over cryptocurrencies may be a different story.

Are We In A Bubble? Does it Matter?

We're beginning to see articles in the financial press questioning whether we are in a new bubble. While we could perhaps be persuaded that a significant selloff in the stock market may be in the offing, we wouldn't call the current market heights a bubble. 
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With tax reform now completed, we think deal volume could surge.

Mergers & Acquisitions--The Corporate Takeout Window Is Now Open

This article discusses six value stocks that have acquisition-friendly traits: niche businesses, decent cash flows, respectable balance sheets and attractive valuation. While making no promises, we think they could attract takeover interest.
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Turnaround News & Updates

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Identify & Profit from Distressed Investing

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Turnaround Investing Blog

Turnaround Investing Blog

Free Turnaround Letter Research Report: Bioverativ (NYSE: BIVV)

We're sharing this complimentary copy of our full Research Report for Bioverativ (NYSE: BIVV)—20+ pages of financial analysis, investment philosophy and straightforward explanation. BIVV, our most recent closed out purchase recommendation, brought Turnaround Letter readers 95% stock profit in seven short months. Read More.

Harnessing Activists to Help Find Turnaround Stocks

Activist investors often produce attractive returns for their clients; and you can still use their influence to help your position as a turnaround investor in two ways: Buy a position in a stock with the expectation that an activist will soon follow or buy after an activist takes a stake.


Value Investing


While one of the many dozens of activist funds might find their way to selecting your particular stock, this approach is likely to be frustrating and unrewarding. A better approach is to buy after the activist makes their move. Once an activist takes a stake in a company, how do you evaluate whether it is worthwhile to follow on? Admittedly, this is a bit of an art... Learn how you can harness the power of activist investors to find market-beating turnaround stocks.

Turnaround Letter Stock Pick Named Top Performer of 2017


stock market advicex


What Last Year's Top Stock Pickers Are Buying in 2018


This Forbes write-up follows up on the recent Top Stock Tips report--naming The Turnaround Letter's Crocs recommendation the top performer of 2017: With 90% gains, CROX beat out 100 other investment ideas included in the report; and the stock continues to have value investing appeal, according to Putnam.


George notes, "We see additional upside for the stock in 2018 as management's efforts continue to bear fruit, though the gains will likely be more muted than we saw in 2017."