The Turnaround Letter's Post-Bankruptcy Stock Index

The Turnaround Letter’s Post-Bankruptcy Stock IndexTM (PBSI) reflects the post-bankruptcy investing climate by tracking the 20 largest post-bankruptcy stocks within the five-year span immediately after their bankruptcy emergence date. 

Post-Bankruptcy Stock IndexTM vs. S&P500 and the NASDAQ


Current Value: 122.87

Post-Bankruptcy Stock Index Description
The Post-Bankruptcy Stock IndexTM is a "capitalization-weighted" index, meaning that it weighs each of its components based on its total market cap (number of shares outstanding multiplied by the price per share) each day. This is the most common form of index weighing, used by indices such as the NASDAQ Composite, the Russell 2000, and (in a modified form) the S&P 500. The beginning date of the PBSI was January 1, 2012 and our Base Value was 100. The index does not include dividends.
Subscribers click here to see more detailed information about the Post-Bankruptcy Stock IndexTM. Subscribers have access to the Index in preset increments of YTD, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year and 3 years or they can choose any custom date range. They can also access information on the companies included in the Index and more detailed documentation on the methodology behind the Index.
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Bankruptcy News

Bankruptcy News

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