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  • How to uncover distressed securities using low-cost or free sources
  • How to determine whether or not the company will recover from its distressed situation
  • How to estimate/evaluate the potential returns
  • What to do if the recovery unravels

These strategies have generated 42% returns on closed-out recommendations so far during 2017-18.

What is
Turnaround Investing?

what is turnaround investing

Turnaround investing is the process of looking for investment opportunities in solid but down-and-out companies that are poised to rebound: Companies that Wall Street unjustly hates for one reason or another. Turnaround investors who get in when the stock prices are near bottom can ride these investments for hefty gains on the way back up.


Recent Returns on The Turnaround Letter’s Stock Picks

Below, we’ve listed the returns for six of our recent “closed out” recommendations: