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September 26, 2020
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September 26, 2020

Closed Out Recommendations

“Buying the right stocks, at the right time, is the first part of The Turnaround Letter’s investing success. Selling at the right time, and booking profits at the right price, is the other half.”

This is the comprehensive list of all Turnaround Letter Buy recommendations since December 2009.

RecommendationMarket Cap [1]Buy IssuePrice at BuySell IssuePrice at SellTotal Return% [2]
RecommendationWeatherford International*Market Cap [1]MidBuy Issue03/17Price at Buy5.66Sell Issue06/19Price at Sell0.05Total Return% [2]-99%
RecommendationAlly FinancialMarket Cap [1]LargeBuy Issue09/14Price at Buy24.95Sell Issue05/19Price at Sell29.98Total Return% [2]26%
RecommendationPennymac Mortgage Investment TrustMarket Cap [1]MidBuy Issue09/13Price at Buy21.40Sell Issue05/19Price at Sell21.07Total Return% [2]54%
RecommendationOaktree Capital Partners, LLC*Market Cap [1]MidBuy Issue10/14Price at Buy51.23Sell Issue03/19Price at Sell48.75Total Return% [2]19%
RecommendationCiveo Corp.Market Cap [1]SmallBuy Issue01/19Price at Buy1.20Sell Issue02/19Price at Sell2.67Total Return% [2]123%
RecommendationBristow Group, Inc*Market Cap [1]SmallBuy Issue11/86Price at Buy.75Sell Issue02/19Price at Sell1.84Total Return% [2]649%
RecommendationAdvanced Auto PartsMarket Cap [1]MidBuy Issue10/17Price at Buy99.50Sell Issue12/18Price at Sell178.95Total Return% [2]80%
RecommendationDSW, Inc.Market Cap [1]MidBuy Issue10/16Price at Buy20.78Sell Issue10/18Price at Sell34.10Total Return% [2]73%
RecommendationCrocs, Inc.Market Cap [1]MidBuy Issue05/16Price at Buy8.35Sell Issue10/18Price at Sell21.07Total Return% [2]152%
RecommendationFirst Data Corp.Market Cap [1]LargeBuy Issue06/16Price at Buy12.53Sell Issue09/18Price at Sell24.97Total Return% [2]99%
RecommendationTrimas Corp.Market Cap [1]SmallBuy Issue09/16Price at Buy19.18Sell Issue09/18Price at Sell31.30Total Return% [2]63%
RecommendationFTI Consulting, Inc.Market Cap [1]MidBuy Issue02/15Price at Buy40.24Sell Issue08/18Price at Sell78.96Total Return% [2]96%
RecommendationPeapody Energy Corp.Market Cap [1]MidBuy Issue09/17Price at Buy28.59Sell Issue07/18Price at Sell44.82Total Return% [2]58%
RecommendationCiveo Corp.Market Cap [1]SmallBuy Issue07/17Price at Buy2.05Sell Issue07/18Price at Sell4.36Total Return% [2]113%
RecommendationGenworth FinancialMarket Cap [1]MidBuy Issue03/18Price at Buy2.82Sell Issue06/18Price at Sell4.82Total Return% [2]71%
RecommendationEVERTEC, Inc.Market Cap [1]SmallBuy Issue12/17Price at Buy14Sell Issue06/18Price at Sell22.20Total Return% [2]59%
RecommendationRio Tinto plcMarket Cap [1]LargeBuy Issue01/16Price at Buy29.09Sell Issue05/18Price at Sell54.97Total Return% [2]108%
RecommendationLayne Christensen CoMarket Cap [1]SmallBuy Issue11/13Price at Buy19.59Sell Issue03/18Price at Sell14.89Total Return% [2]-24%
RecommendationBioverativ, Inc.Market Cap [1]MidBuy Issue04/17Price at Buy52.74Sell Issue02/18Price at Sell103.27Total Return% [2]95%
RecommendationTroncMarket Cap [1]SmallBuy Issue12/14Price at Buy21.09Sell Issue02/18Price at Sell20.74Total Return% [2]2%
RecommendationTime, Inc.Market Cap [1]MidBuy Issue11/16Price at Buy13.05Sell Issue01/18Price at Sell18.41Total Return% [2]45%
RecommendationM/I Homes, Inc.Market Cap [1]SmallBuy Issue08/14Price at Buy20.67Sell Issue12/17Price at Sell36.16Total Return% [2]75%
RecommendationCaterpillar, Inc.Market Cap [1]LargeBuy Issue07/15Price at Buy85.30Sell Issue11/17Price at Sell137.81Total Return% [2]71%
RecommendationCypress Semiconductor Corp.Market Cap [1]MidBuy Issue01/13Price at Buy10.63Sell Issue11/17Price at Sell16.12Total Return% [2]68%
RecommendationMGICMarket Cap [1]MidBuy Issue11/11Price at Buy10.11Sell Issue10/17Price at Sell12.55Total Return% [2]24%
RecommendationStar Bulk CarriersMarket Cap [1]SmallBuy Issue08/15Price at Buy15.50Sell Issue09/17Price at Sell10.99Total Return% [2]-29%
RecommendationExtended Stay AmericaMarket Cap [1]MidBuy Issue02/16Price at Buy12.79Sell Issue08/17Price at Sell19.60Total Return% [2]61%
RecommendationPly Gem HoldingsMarket Cap [1]SmallBuy Issue04/14Price at Buy12.63Sell Issue07/17Price at Sell18.25Total Return% [2]44%
RecommendationMotorola SolutionsMarket Cap [1]LargeBuy Issue08/07Price at Buy68.52Sell Issue04/17Price at Sell84.87Total Return% [2]35%
RecommendationArctic Cat, Inc.Market Cap [1]SmallBuy Issue12/15Price at Buy22.26Sell Issue03/17Price at Sell18.50Total Return% [2]-17%
RecommendationNew York TimesMarket Cap [1]MidBuy Issue03/13Price at Buy9.64Sell Issue01/17Price at Sell13.45Total Return% [2]45%
RecommendationFifth Third BancorpMarket Cap [1]LargeBuy Issue11/11Price at Buy12.56Sell Issue12/16Price at Sell26.02Total Return% [2]122%
RecommendationStewart Information Services Corp.Market Cap [1]SmallBuy Issue06/13Price at Buy29.34Sell Issue12/16Price at Sell47.44Total Return% [2]68%
RecommendationACCO BrandsMarket Cap [1]SmallBuy Issue03/10Price at Buy7.17Sell Issue11/16Price at Sell11.10Total Return% [2]55%
RecommendationAccuride CorporationMarket Cap [1]SmallBuy Issue10/13Price at Buy5.14Sell Issue10/16Price at Sell2.56Total Return% [2]-50%
RecommendationEMC Corp.Market Cap [1]LargeBuy Issue12/13Price at Buy23.72Sell Issue09/16Price at Sell29.09Total Return% [2]25%
RecommendationSonyMarket Cap [1]LargeBuy Issue09/11Price at Buy22.01Sell Issue08/16Price at Sell33.41Total Return% [2]52%
RecommendationCoca-ColaMarket Cap [1]LargeBuy Issue04/10Price at Buy32.86Sell Issue07/16Price at Sell45.33Total Return% [2]59%
RecommendationSuperior IndustriesMarket Cap [1]SmallBuy Issue09/10Price at Buy14.75Sell Issue06/16Price at Sell27.14Total Return% [2]104%
RecommendationDrew IndustriesMarket Cap [1]SmallBuy Issue03/11Price at Buy23.13Sell Issue06/16Price at Sell64.46Total Return% [2]204%
RecommendationThe Fresh MarketMarket Cap [1]MidBuy Issue10/15Price at Buy22.94Sell Issue04/16Price at Sell28.53Total Return% [2]24%
RecommendationDow ChemicalMarket Cap [1]LargeBuy Issue01/14Price at Buy44.60Sell Issue01/16Price at Sell51.66Total Return% [2]22%
RecommendationJohnson & JohnsonMarket Cap [1]LargeBuy Issue01/12Price at Buy65.45Sell Issue12/15Price at Sell101.24Total Return% [2]70%
RecommendationInterpublic GroupMarket Cap [1]MidBuy Issue12/06Price at Buy11.94Sell Issue11/15Price at Sell22.71Total Return% [2]103%
RecommendationKemetMarket Cap [1]SmallBuy Issue02/11Price at Buy14.75Sell Issue10/15Price at Sell1.73Total Return% [2]-88%
RecommendationAvon ProductsMarket Cap [1]MidBuy Issue07/15Price at Buy14.60Sell Issue10/15Price at Sell3.25Total Return% [2]-76%
RecommendationMetLife, Inc.Market Cap [1]LargeBuy Issue02/13Price at Buy37.20Sell Issue08/15Price at Sell57.21Total Return% [2]62%
RecommendationCarnival CorporationMarket Cap [1]LargeBuy Issue01/01Price at Buy30.50Sell Issue07/15Price at Sell48.95Total Return% [2]98%
RecommendationCisco SystemsMarket Cap [1]LargeBuy Issue09/12Price at Buy19.18Sell Issue06/15Price at Sell29.31Total Return% [2]62%
RecommendationBuilders FirstSourceMarket Cap [1]SmallBuy Issue05/12Price at Buy4.17Sell Issue05/15Price at Sell12.88Total Return% [2]209%
RecommendationPfizerMarket Cap [1]LargeBuy Issue03/12Price at Buy25.84Sell Issue04/15Price at Sell34.16Total Return% [2]60%
RecommendationHercules OffshoreMarket Cap [1]SmallBuy Issue06/14Price at Buy4.45Sell Issue03/15Price at Sell.84Total Return% [2]-81%
RecommendationWendy'sMarket Cap [1]MidBuy Issue03/12Price at Buy5.18Sell Issue03/15Price at Sell11.39Total Return% [2]126%
RecommendationWet SealMarket Cap [1]SmallBuy Issue10/09Price at Buy3.93Sell Issue02/15Price at Sell.03Total Return% [2]-99%
RecommendationCorning, Inc.Market Cap [1]LargeBuy Issue02/12Price at Buy12.61Sell Issue02/15Price at Sell24.73Total Return% [2]100%
RecommendationNewell RubbermaidMarket Cap [1]MidBuy Issue06/04Price at Buy23.24Sell Issue01/15Price at Sell38.40Total Return% [2]89%
RecommendationStaplesMarket Cap [1]MidBuy Issue03/14Price at Buy13.60Sell Issue01/15Price at Sell18.03Total Return% [2]35%
RecommendationVeolia Environ.Market Cap [1]MidBuy Issue10/12Price at Buy10.82Sell Issue01/15Price at Sell17.80Total Return% [2]82%
RecommendationFelCor LodgingMarket Cap [1]SmallBuy Issue11/12Price at Buy4.39Sell Issue01/15Price at Sell10.93Total Return% [2]151%
RecommendationHewlett-PackardMarket Cap [1]LargeBuy Issue06/12Price at Buy22.74Sell Issue12/14Price at Sell39.06Total Return% [2]78%
RecommendationPortland GeneralMarket Cap [1]MidBuy Issue11/06Price at Buy25.70Sell Issue11/14Price at Sell35.49Total Return% [2]69%
RecommendationChiquita BrandsMarket Cap [1]SmallBuy Issue04/13Price at Buy7.76Sell Issue09/14Price at Sell14.08Total Return% [2]81%
RecommendationElectro ScientificMarket Cap [1]SmallBuy Issue02/07Price at Buy21.24Sell Issue08/14Price at Sell6.10Total Return% [2]-68%
RecommendationAT&T, Inc.Market Cap [1]LargeBuy Issue05/03Price at Buy23.05Sell Issue07/14Price at Sell35.26Total Return% [2]126%
RecommendationBoston ScientificMarket Cap [1]MidBuy Issue08/10Price at Buy5.60Sell Issue06/14Price at Sell12.73Total Return% [2]135%
RecommendationRite AidMarket Cap [1]MidBuy Issue05/13Price at Buy2.61Sell Issue05/14Price at Sell7.09Total Return% [2]172%
RecommendationApplied MaterialsMarket Cap [1]LargeBuy Issue04/10Price at Buy13.45Sell Issue04/14Price at Sell20.42Total Return% [2]62%
RecommendationMicrosoftMarket Cap [1]LargeBuy Issue10/06Price at Buy27.94Sell Issue04/14Price at Sell40.99Total Return% [2]64%
RecommendationMarsh & McLennanMarket Cap [1]LargeBuy Issue02/10Price at Buy21.71Sell Issue03/14Price at Sell47.59Total Return% [2]136%
RecommendationUnited ContinentalMarket Cap [1]MidBuy Issue12/12Price at Buy20.22Sell Issue02/14Price at Sell45.43Total Return% [2]125%
RecommendationSprintMarket Cap [1]LargeBuy Issue03/08Price at Buy8.09Sell Issue01/14Price at Sell10.58Total Return% [2]31%
RecommendationSyscoMarket Cap [1]LargeBuy Issue11/08Price at Buy27.01Sell Issue01/14Price at Sell36.28Total Return% [2]50%
RecommendationTellabsMarket Cap [1]MidBuy Issue02/08Price at Buy6.66Sell Issue12/13Price at Sell2.44Total Return% [2]-60%
RecommendationSchwabMarket Cap [1]LargeBuy Issue03/04Price at Buy12.20Sell Issue12/13Price at Sell24.62Total Return% [2]127%
RecommendationE*Trade FinancialMarket Cap [1]MidBuy Issue08/12Price at Buy7.43Sell Issue12/13Price at Sell18.05Total Return% [2]138%
RecommendationDelta Air LinesMarket Cap [1]MidBuy Issue10/11Price at Buy8.11Sell Issue11/13Price at Sell26.48Total Return% [2]227%
RecommendationCTS Corp.Market Cap [1]SmallBuy Issue11/07Price at Buy12.54Sell Issue10/13Price at Sell16.26Total Return% [2]31%
RecommendationGoodyear TireMarket Cap [1]MidBuy Issue07/04Price at Buy9.14Sell Issue09/13Price at Sell20.12Total Return% [2]122%
RecommendationTime WarnerMarket Cap [1]LargeBuy Issue12/04Price at Buy53.46Sell Issue08/13Price at Sell62.26Total Return% [2]40%
RecommendationTenent HealthcareMarket Cap [1]MidBuy Issue09/04Price at Buy41.08Sell Issue08/13Price at Sell44.65Total Return% [2]8%
RecommendationKadant Inc.Market Cap [1]SmallBuy Issue04/02Price at Buy14.28Sell Issue07/13Price at Sell30.17Total Return% [2]115%
RecommendationLearMarket Cap [1]MidBuy Issue06/10Price at Buy33.84Sell Issue06/13Price at Sell59.98Total Return% [2]83%
RecommendationMetroPCS Comm.Market Cap [1]MidBuy Issue12/11Price at Buy8.38Sell Issue06/13Price at Sell11.69Total Return% [2]74%
RecommendationCalpineMarket Cap [1]MidBuy Issue12/09Price at Buy11.12Sell Issue05/13Price at Sell21.38Total Return% [2]98%
RecommendationNewpark ResourcesMarket Cap [1]SmallBuy Issue06/06Price at Buy5.65Sell Issue05/13Price at Sell10.58Total Return% [2]78%
RecommendationAmgenMarket Cap [1]LargeBuy Issue10/07Price at Buy56.56Sell Issue04/13Price at Sell102.51Total Return% [2]84%
RecommendationCampbell SoupMarket Cap [1]LargeBuy Issue04/05Price at Buy28.14Sell Issue04/13Price at Sell45.36Total Return% [2]88%
RecommendationExide TechnologiesMarket Cap [1]SmallBuy Issue07/12Price at Buy3.36Sell Issue03/13Price at Sell2.82Total Return% [2]-23%
RecommendationOfficeMas, Inc.Market Cap [1]SmallBuy Issue11/11Price at Buy5.12Sell Issue03/13Price at Sell12.09Total Return% [2]139%
RecommendationOwens CorningMarket Cap [1]MidBuy Issue12/10Price at Buy26.31Sell Issue02/13Price at Sell41.67Total Return% [2]58%
RecommendationEmerson ElectricMarket Cap [1]LargeBuy Issue09/08Price at Buy36.03Sell Issue01/13Price at Sell52.14Total Return% [2]60%
RecommendationMondelez Int'l.Market Cap [1]LargeBuy Issue08/08Price at Buy19.32Sell Issue11/12Price at Sell26.55Total Return% [2]37%
RecommendationKraftMarket Cap [1]LargeBuy Issue08/08Price at Buy30.24Sell Issue11/12Price at Sell45.46Total Return% [2]51%
RecommendationM/I HomesMarket Cap [1]MidBuy Issue07/12Price at Buy10.08Sell Issue10/12Price at Sell21.90Total Return% [2]92%
RecommendationExxonMobilMarket Cap [1]LargeBuy Issue10/10Price at Buy61.79Sell Issue09/12Price at Sell87.30Total Return% [2]49%
RecommendationBristol-Myers SquibMarket Cap [1]LargeBuy Issue08/03Price at Buy26.07Sell Issue08/12Price at Sell35.63Total Return% [2]78%
RecommendationSara LeeMarket Cap [1]LargeBuy Issue04/06Price at Buy15.28Sell Issue07/12Price at Sell20.28Total Return% [2]57%
RecommendationUS AirwaysMarket Cap [1]SmallBuy Issue05/09Price at Buy3.79Sell Issue06/12Price at Sell13.22Total Return% [2]235%
RecommendationPresstekMarket Cap [1]SmallBuy Issue06/05Price at Buy8.58Sell Issue04/12Price at Sell.58Total Return% [2]-93%
RecommendationTaiwan SemiconductorMarket Cap [1]LargeBuy Issue12/05Price at Buy9.29Sell Issue03/12Price at Sell14.56Total Return% [2]88%
RecommendationTycon Int'lMarket Cap [1]MidBuy Issue03/09Price at Buy20.05Sell Issue03/12Price at Sell51.74Total Return% [2]172%
RecommendationRadioShackMarket Cap [1]MidBuy Issue04/08Price at Buy15.87Sell Issue02/12Price at Sell10.23Total Return% [2]-25%
RecommendationSolutiaMarket Cap [1]SmallBuy Issue09/08Price at Buy15.58Sell Issue02/12Price at Sell27.37Total Return% [2]76%
RecommendationMF Global HoldingMarket Cap [1]MidBuy Issue06/12Price at Buy7.71Sell Issue11/11Price at Sell1.20Total Return% [2]-84%
RecommendationZhone TechnologiesMarket Cap [1]SmallBuy Issue05/05Price at Buy11.40Sell Issue10/11Price at Sell1.27Total Return% [2]-89%
RecommendationOn AssignmentMarket Cap [1]SmallBuy Issue01/04Price at Buy5.15Sell Issue08/11Price at Sell10.24Total Return% [2]99%
RecommendationPrimediaMarket Cap [1]SmallBuy Issue06/03Price at Buy19.80Sell Issue06/11Price at Sell7.04Total Return% [2]-59%
RecommendationGlobal CrossingMarket Cap [1]SmallBuy Issue06/03Price at Buy19.80Sell Issue05/11Price at Sell232.38Total Return% [2]103%
RecommendationAribaMarket Cap [1]MidBuy Issue05/09Price at Buy14.27Sell Issue04/11Price at Sell33.96Total Return% [2]138%
RecommendationWilliams CompaniesMarket Cap [1]MidBuy Issue06/09Price at Buy16.25Sell Issue03/11Price at Sell30.36Total Return% [2]92%
RecommendationJDS UniphaseMarket Cap [1]MidBuy Issue02/05Price at Buy17.52Sell Issue03/11Price at Sell24.67Total Return% [2]41%
RecommendationMotorola MobilityMarket Cap [1]LargeBuy Issue08/07Price at Buy57.29Sell Issue02/11Price at Sell29.59Total Return% [2]-48%
RecommendationTeradyne, Inc.Market Cap [1]SmallBuy Issue12/08Price at Buy3.79Sell Issue02/11Price at Sell16.23Total Return% [2]328%
RecommendationParametric Tech.Market Cap [1]MidBuy Issue05/04Price at Buy11.63Sell Issue11/10Price at Sell21.52Total Return% [2]85%
RecommendationRite AidMarket Cap [1]MidBuy Issue08/04Price at Buy4.87Sell Issue10/10Price at Sell.94Total Return% [2]-81%
RecommendationADC TelecomMarket Cap [1]MidBuy Issue01/02Price at Buy31.78Sell Issue08/10Price at Sell12.73Total Return% [2]-60%
RecommendationRehabCareMarket Cap [1]SmallBuy Issue06/07Price at Buy16.07Sell Issue06/10Price at Sell22.76Total Return% [2]42%
RecommendationQwest Comm.Market Cap [1]MidBuy Issue11/08Price at Buy2.74Sell Issue05/10Price at Sell5.23Total Return% [2]105%
RecommendationDisneyMarket Cap [1]LargeBuy Issue04/09Price at Buy19.06Sell Issue04/10Price at Sell35.10Total Return% [2]84%
RecommendationArmstrongMarket Cap [1]SmallBuy Issue07/09Price at Buy16.49Sell Issue12/09Price at Sell41.43Total Return% [2]151%
RecommendationBank of AmericaMarket Cap [1]LargeBuy Issue10/08Price at Buy35.00Sell Issue08/19Price at Sell30.89Total Return% [2]-5%
RecommendationNII HoldingsMarket Cap [1]SmallBuy Issue11/15Price at Buy7.00Sell Issue08/19Price at Sell1.70Total Return% [2]-76%
RecommendationHovnanian HoldingsMarket Cap [1]SmallBuy Issue05/18Price at Buy50.25Sell Issue10/19Price at Sell25.26Total Return% [2]-50%
RecommendationFord Motor CoMarket Cap [1]LargeBuy Issue12/03Price at Buy13.00Sell Issue11/19Price at Sell8.61Total Return% [2]10%
RecommendationChesapeake EnergyMarket Cap [1]MidBuy Issue06/15Price at Buy14.11Sell Issue11/19Price at Sell0.91Total Return% [2]-94%
RecommendationMcDermott InternationalMarket Cap [1]SmallBuy Issue04/15Price at Buy11.19Sell Issue11/19Price at Sell1.49Total Return% [2]-87%
RecommendationXeroxMarket Cap [1]LargeBuy Issue08/11Price at Buy38.32Sell Issue11/19Price at Sell38.85Total Return% [2]53%
RecommendationSeaWorld EntertainmentMarket Cap [1]MidBuy Issue04/16Price at Buy21.45Sell Issue01/20Price at Sell35Total Return% [2]66%
RecommendationCitigroupMarket Cap [1]LargeBuy Issue05/14Price at Buy48.16Sell Issue01/20Price at Sell81Total Return% [2]68%
RecommendationAMC EntertainmentMarket Cap [1]MidBuy Issue01/18Price at Buy14.40Sell Issue04/20Price at Sell2.24Total Return% [2]-64%
RecommendationBlue Apron HoldingsMarket Cap [1]SmallBuy Issue07/18Price at Buy48.75Sell Issue02/20Price at Sell3.10Total Return% [2]-94%
RecommendationGlobalstar Market Cap [1]MidBuy Issue11/14Price at Buy2.16Sell Issue03/20Price at Sell0.42Total Return% [2]-81%
RecommendationAllscripts HealthcareMarket Cap [1]MidBuy Issue02/14Price at Buy16.43Sell Issue05/20Price at Sell6.40Total Return% [2]-61%
RecommendationBrookdale Senior LivingMarket Cap [1]MidBuy Issue09/18Price at Buy9.74Sell Issue05/20Price at Sell3.61Total Return% [2]-63%
RecommendationWashington Prime GroupMarket Cap [1]MidBuy Issue12/16Price at Buy10.02Sell Issue05/20Price at Sell0.86Total Return% [2]-60%
RecommendationJanus Henderson GroupMarket Cap [1]MidBuy Issue08/05Price at Buy32.36Sell Issue07/20Price at Sell21.01Total Return% [2]-8%
RecommendationThor IndustriesMarket Cap [1]MidBuy Issue11/19Price at Buy47.60Sell Issue07/20Price at Sell109.75Total Return% [2]64%
RecommendationBPMarket Cap [1]LargeBuy Issue07/13Price at Buy41.78Sell Issue07/20Price at Sell23.48Total Return% [2]-4%
RecommendationRolls-Royce HoldingsMarket Cap [1]LargeBuy Issue03/16Price at Buy9.25Sell Issue08/20Price at Sell3.26Total Return% [2]-58%

[1] The categories are based on market capitalization on the recommendation date, except that recommendations made prior to August 2004 are categorized by their 8/20/04 market cap.

[2] Total % Return includes dividends as well as price changes. Past performance is no guarantee of future returns.

* Sold mid-month