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Bankruptcy/Chapter 11

Ciber Plan Effective, Summarized

Ciber's Plan of Plan of Liquidation became effective, and the Company emerged from Chapter 11 protection. The U.S. Bankruptcy Court confirmed the Plan on December 20, 2017. BankruptcyData's detailed Plan Summary notes, "The Plan contemplates a liquidation of the Debtors and their Estates and is therefore referred to as a 'plan of liquidation.' The primary objective of the Plan is to maximize the value of recoveries to all Holders of Allowed Claims and Allowed Interests and to distribute all property of the Estates that is or becomes available for distribution in accordance with the priorities established by the Bankruptcy Code. The Estimated Plan Recoveries are based on the Liquidation Analysis, which estimates that between $16.1 million and $19.2 million will be available for distribution after the Effective Date." This information technology consulting and services provider filed for Chapter 11 protection on April 9, 2017, listing $335 million in pre-petition assets. Visit BankruptcyData for the full Plan Summary.

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