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Bankruptcy/Chapter 11 / Energy

RAAM Global Energy Company Plan Filed

RAAM Global Energy Company filed with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court a Chapter 11 Plan of Liquidation and related Disclosure Statement. According to the Disclosure Statement, holders of Class 1: other priority claims will receive, with the consent of Highbridge, (a) if provided for in the purchase agreement, payment in full in cash by the purchaser or (b) otherwise, payment in cash from the priority claim reserve; holders of Class 2: first lien credit agreement claims will receive their pro rata share of, (a) if Highbridge is the purchaser, the consideration provided in the purchase agreement or (b) otherwise payment in full in cash from the sale proceeds; holders of Class 3: senior secured notes claims will receive their pro rata share of payment in cash of the excess sale proceeds, if any; holders of Class 4: other secured claims shall receive (a) payment in full in cash; (b) delivery of collateral securing any such claim and payment of any interest required under Section 506(b) of the Bankruptcy Code, (c) reinstatement of such claim or (d) other treatment rendering such claim; holders of Class 5: general unsecured trade claims shall receive their pro rata share of any liquidating trust assets not otherwise distributed in accordance with this Plan; holders of Class 6: general unsecured non-trade claims shall receive no distribution under the Plan; holders of Class 7: intercompany claims shall be, at the option of the liquidating trustee, either reinstated or cancelled; holders of Class 8: equity interests in RAAM shall not receive any distribution or retain any property; holders of Class 9: equity interests in RAAM Debtor subsidiaries, at the option of the liquidating trustee, will be either reinstated or cancelled and released.

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