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September 26, 2020
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About The Turnaround Letter



The Turnaround Letter was founded by George Putnam in 1986 and acquired by Cabot Wealth in 2020.  The goal of The Turnaround Letter then and today is to provide insight into potential turnaround situations and to recommend stock purchases that we feel have potential for large and/or imminent increases. The Turnaround Letter’s analytical techniques do not neatly fit into a defined category such “technical” or “fundamental.” Rather we look at all the available information, price and volume history, financials, management, legal background, economic climate and a number of other items in search of clues that a turnaround is imminent. The Turnaround Letter’s track record speaks for itself: One of the longest-running investment newsletters on the market today, the Turnaround Letter is also one of the top ranked.