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Legendary contrarian investor, George Putnam, III has been successfully picking turnaround stocks for over 30 years and now in his Turnaround Letter e-report, 10 Simple Rules for Spotting Successful Turnaround Stocks, George lets his readers know the key fundamentals he looks for when searching for turnaround investment opportunities.

George's stock picks have provided consistent long-term gains for his subscribers year-after-year. The Turnaround Letter's 15-year annualized return on The Turnaround Letter's monthly stock purchase recommendations is 42% greater than the S&P 500's and his 11.9% annualized return since The Turnaround Letter's inception makes it one of the most successful investment newsletters on the market.

George's 10 Simple Rules e-report will give you the insight and confidence you need to beef up your portfolio with profitable turnaround stocks. Remember, there are plenty of turnaround investment opportunities out there…you just have to know how to find them.

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What Readers Say

  • When it comes to profiting from other people's problems, there's no place like Wall Street. And, in recent months, there's been no analyst like George Putnam when it comes to telling people how to do it.

    Susan Antilla The New York Times

  • Bargain hunters who like out of favor stocks with good prospects should look at The Turnaround Letter....Are you a contrarian—someone who can see value in stocks that no one else likes? If so, The Turnaround Letter is your baby.

    Steven D. Goldberg Kiplinger Personal Finance

  • Having only recently started subscribing to The Turnaround Letter, I'd like to offer praise and thanks for your recommendations. I have already seen a nice increase upon investing in the recommendations that you have provided. I hope to continue for many more years, God willing and good health!!! Thank you once again for your service.

    Alex E. Turnaround Letter Subscriber

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