Post-Bankruptcy Stocks

Stocks of public companies that have recently emerged from bankruptcy


This post-bankruptcy stock's return potential outweighs its obvious risks.

Purchase Recommendation - November 2015

This post-bankruptcy telecom’s stock has a number of things going against it right now, but it also has a lot going for it. Most notably, the small-cap owns some very valuable assets that are worth a lot more than the stock is currently trading for. Despite its obvious risks, we believe the return potential considerably outweighs those risks.
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Most stocks that take a temporary hit from bad publicity recover nicely over the years.

Buy on Bad News: What About Volkswagen?

Over the years we have looked at a number of companies facing massively negative headlines, which were often accompanied by major product recalls and the potential for extensive litigation. While we have found no fully reliable pattern, our sense is that in most cases the stock remains weak for several months after the headlines begin to subside, but then recovers nicely over the ensuing few years.
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Court Approves Patriot Coal Reorganization/Sale

Patriot Coal Plan Confirmed

The U.S. Bankruptcy Court entered an order confirming Patriot Coal's Fourth Amended Joint Plan of Reorganization.
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A bankruptcy uptick could benefit these contrarian investing opportunities.

Companies Looking for Trouble

There is growing evidence that Chapter 11 bankruptcies and restructurings are on the rise. The principal drivers for this are the huge amount of debt that has been raised over the last decade, and the sharp decline in commodity prices. An increase in bankruptcies isn’t necessarily a bad thing.
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Even a famous brand like A&P is not enough to assure that a bankruptcy stock will rebound.

Famous Brands: Another Cautionary Tale

The key to evaluating troubled companies with strong brands is figuring out the cause of their difficulty and determining if it can be fixed. In many cases, the company will have taken on too much debt but will still have a strong core business.
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Chassix Reorganizes

Chassix Plan Effective

Chassix's Modified Second Amended Joint Plan of Reorganization became effective...
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Are the "Experts" Usually Wrong? Time to Buy Emerging Markets?

If you look longer-term--both backwards and forwards--emerging markets look like much more promising investments...and many of the stocks have decent dividend yields to compensate you in case you have to wait a while for a rebound. Read More.

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Act Now on Tax Losses

Beat Year-End Bounce Rush


With all the stock market volatility this year, many investors probably find themselves holding some stocks in which they have sizable losses. By selling those losers and realizing losses, you can use those losses to offset taxable gains that you may have realized during the year.

Value Stock Profit

Most individual investors consider this investing strategy in December, which means that this tax-loss selling could push the price of some of these stocks even lower--meaning you probably do not want to be selling your losers then. In fact, savvy contrarians should consider buying some of these beaten down stocks to take advantage of that tax-generated downward pressure that goes away on January first.