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Crocs’ 2Q17 Results – The Turnaround is (Finally) Working

The prolonged turnaround at casual shoe maker Crocs (Nasdaq: CROX) appears to be finally working. Results in 2Q17 show that revenues have largely stabilized despite Crocs’ winnowing their distribution channels. Profit margins are higher, inventory is lower and higher-quality, and cash flow is increasing.
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SeaWorld Weak 2Q17 Results: Confident In Turnaround But It Will Take Longer

Marine theme park company SeaWorld Entertainment (NYSE: SEAS) reported weak revenues and earnings in 2Q17. The company will restore its reputational and national advertising spending and also has other levers to improve the rest of the year and beyond. SeaWorld’s turnaround will take a year or more longer than our initial expectations.
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Time, Inc.: Back to Square One, Yet Pressure Is On

Publishing and media company Time, Inc. (NYSE: TIME) reported weak 1Q17 operating results and cut their dividend by 80% to $.16/year. Investors are more actively involved with the company which puts pressure on the management successfully executing their strategic plan or face an eventual reconsideration of a sale.
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Turnaround Investing Blog

The Turnaround Letter In The News: Equities.com & Forbes

With more than 30 years of turnaround investing and market-beating results, it's no surprise that media and market pundits often seek George Putnam's commentary, stock picks and unique contrarian expertise. Most recently, both Forbes and Equities.com praised The Turnaround Letter. Read More.

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Here's Why You Should Invest in Asset Managers


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This Forbes article cites a recent MoneyShow write-up that recommends investors take advantage of the strong stock market and potential interest rate hike by "putting some of your investment assets into the shares of asset management stocks."


The article praises The Turnaround Letter's OAK purchase recommendation and quotes George Putnam: "As the corporate debt binge that we’ve experienced since 2009 comes to an end, Oaktree will benefit from a growing number of restructurings and bankruptcies."  


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