Bankruptcy/Chapter 11

A legal procedure that gives a business temporary protection from its creditors while it gets back on its feet


American Apparel Details Reorganization

American Apparel Plan Filed

American Apparel filed with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court a Joint Chapter 11 Plan of Reorganization...
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Cache Structural Dismissal Approved

Cache Case Dismissed

The U.S. Bankruptcy Court issued an order approving Cache's motion for entry of an order dismissing the Debtors' Chapter 11 cases...
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Standard Register Modifies Liquidation

Standard Register Modified Plan Filed

Standard Register filed with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court a Second Amended Chapter 11 Plan of Liquidation, with technical modifications.
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ING Group Subsidiary Bankruptcy

OIC Run-Off Limited Chapter 15 Petition Filed

London, England-based OIC Run-Off Limited (pka Orion Insurance Company Limited) and affiliated Debtor The London & Overseas Insurance Company Limited (aka L&O) filed for Chapter 15 protection...
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Colt Amends Reorganization Details

Colt Defense Plan Filed

Colt Defense filed with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court a Second Amended Joint Plan...
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Kodak Report

Bankruptcy Investing

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stock market advice

stock market advice

Distressed Investing Blog

Distressed Investing Blog

Are the "Experts" Usually Wrong? Time to Buy Emerging Markets?

If you look longer-term--both backwards and forwards--emerging markets look like much more promising investments...and many of the stocks have decent dividend yields to compensate you in case you have to wait a while for a rebound. Read More.

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Act Now on Tax Losses

Beat Year-End Bounce Rush


With all the stock market volatility this year, many investors probably find themselves holding some stocks in which they have sizable losses. By selling those losers and realizing losses, you can use those losses to offset taxable gains that you may have realized during the year.

Value Stock Profit

Most individual investors consider this investing strategy in December, which means that this tax-loss selling could push the price of some of these stocks even lower--meaning you probably do not want to be selling your losers then. In fact, savvy contrarians should consider buying some of these beaten down stocks to take advantage of that tax-generated downward pressure that goes away on January first.