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As a turnaround investment authority, George Putnam, III first became involved with distressed securities as a lawyer in the late 1970s. Seeing the inefficient niche in which bankruptcies and turnarounds were presented and researched, he founded New Generation Research, Inc. and began publishing The Turnaround Letter in 1986.

Since then, Putnam has frequently been quoted in the full range of media sources—including Fox Business, Barron's, The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, The Fiscal Times and USA Today, just to name a few. The links below offer a brief overview of George’s most recent media citations and accolades:


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Forbes: Here's Why You Should Invest in Asset Managers
August 2017

Forbes cites a recent MoneyShow write-up that recommends investors take advantage of the strong stock market and potential interest rate hike by "putting some of your investment assets into the shares of asset management stocks." The article notes The Turnaround Letter's OAK purchase recommendation. Putnam explains, "As the corporate debt binge that we’ve experienced since 2009 comes to an end, Oaktree will benefit from a growing number of restructurings and bankruptcies."  

best stock A Six-Pack of REIT Turnarounds
August 2017 notes The Turnaround Letter's assertion that REITs have "broadly produced lackluster returns over the past 12 months"--naming several contributing factors. Putnam remarks, "As turnaround investors, we approach REITs differently. Rather than focusing on a particular segment of the real estate market, we look for individual REITs that have been neglected by investors but have solid value--that should prevail regardless of the overall market." The article goes on to six REIT value investing opportunities.   

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Bull & Bear Financial Report: Struggling Restaurants That May Serve Up
June 2017

Bull & Bear Financial Report features six of George's value stock picks from the struggling restaurant sector. Putnam notes why these featured stocks might be poised for a turnaround: "They have well-known franchises, reasonable balance sheets and attractive valuations. Several have new management teams. Macro headwinds like rising wage costs and aggressive competition from grocery stores may be offset by steady economic growth."  

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MoneyLife Radio: Ideal Turnaround Investments & Putnam's Top Stock Picks
June 2017

MoneyLife Radio's Chuck Jaffe interviews George to learn more about what makes an ideal turnaround investing opportunity. Putnam emphasizes the importance of a core business, strong brand recognition, competent turnaround management and a healthy balance sheet. The interview continues with a quick discussion on retail and energy sector trends—and a few winners and losers for each. Jaffe also leads George through a spirited round of "Hold 'Em or Fold 'Em" stock pick recommendations.  

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MarketWatch: How to Make Money by Betting Against Passive Investing
May 2017

MarketWatch's Michael Brush has some advice for investors: "Own out-of-favor stocks held by active funds when they start beating indices again." Pointing out the difficulties currently faced by fund managers, the article cites George's observation that this "dynamic sets up a clever way to place a contrarian bet against the ETF boom." Brush cites three of George's recent stock picks and touts The Turnaround Letter's straightforward investing approach.  

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MarketWrap: "ESG Investing: Doing Well by Doing Good"
April 2017

In this MarketWrap interview with Moe Ansari, George details the potential stock profit advantages to be found in "ESG"--Environmental, Social and Governance--investing. Once dismissed as irrelevant or even a detractor from good investment returns, there is a growing body of evidence that shows this ESG approach actually contributes to better returns over the long run. Putnam explains, "Management that is focused on these ESG issues and tries to do the right thing is likely do the right thing by shareholders over the long term, as well."

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MarketWatch: "16 Cheap Stocks That Investment Newsletters Say to Buy Now"
January 2017

MarketWatch notes, "Value is hot again....For the first 11 months of the year, ...the average value stock did 17.0% better than the average growth stock. That’s better than any prior calendar year performance since 2001. Mark Hulbert goes on to cite George's Turnaround Letter as a top-performer with "classic value-oriented strategies."


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Kiplinger: "5 Struggling Stocks That Will Turn Around in 2017"
January 2017

Kiplinger points out that despite the post-election stock market surge, not all stocks have benefited from the uptick. Kiplinger notes, "More than 100 issues in the S&P 500 have fallen in price this year, including dozens that have slumped by more than 10%....Yet these stocks won’t all stay in the dumps forever. Some will mount a comeback in 2017, making it an opportune time to try to identify the best candidates." Quoting George Putnam, Kiplinger details five value investing opportunities for the new year.

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Chicago Tribune: "Bet on These Battered Stocks"
October 2016

Chicago Tribune highlighted this Kiplinger's Money Power write-up on George's contrarian investing approach and The Turnaround Letter's April 2016 monthly turnaround stock pick. Darren Fonda notes, "…besieged stocks often start to recuperate as the headlines fade and investors anticipate a return to precrisis sales and profits. The trick, of course, is to find companies that are more likely to rebound from a setback than collapse entirely." 

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Bottom Line Personal: "Turnaround Stocks"
September 2016

Bottom Line Personal tapped George's value stock expertise, noting, "At a time when the stock market has been setting records, are there any bargains left? There are—in companies that have run into big problems but are ripe for a turnaround in both their businesses and their stock prices."


Kiplinger: "3 Battered Stocks for Intrepid Investors"
August 2016

Kiplinger sought out Putnam's long-term buy-and-hold investing advice. Daren Fonda notes: "If you're going to bottom-fish, be patient. Wait for the stock to settle after bad news hits, and then buy shares gradually over time (in case more bad news trickles in). Home in on companies with durable advantages, such as a strong brand or exceptionally low costs. Steer clear of firms with inscrutable accounting. And look for companies that pay dividends and are likely to maintain the payments through a crisis. Even if the shares don't budge for ages, at least you can get paid to wait for a rebound, says George Putnam, editor of TheTurnaround Letter, a newsletter that focuses on out-of-favor stocks."

Investment Digest "Retail Turnaround Trio"
July 2016 interviewed George to learn more about his favorite value stock picks for today's market. This Daily Guru feature highlights three of The Turnaround Letter's recently-profiled retailers: JWN, TIF and SPLS. Putnam notes, "Well the retailing sector is undergoing very fundamental change as people move away from the bricks and mortar mall doors to buying more and more online but that's not going to wipe out all of the old-fashioned retailers."

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MarketWatch: "Year-end Selling Has Made These Stocks Screaming Bargains"
December 2015

MarketWatch's Michael Brush recently profiled several solid year-end bounce stock picks. In "Year-end Selling Has Made These Stocks Screaming Bargains," Brush notes, "This year, tax-loss selling is particularly pronounced and probably creating more bargains than normal because of an unusual dynamic."  Brush emphasizes, "Putnam is worth listening to because his stock letter performs extremely well. Since 2000, its picks are up 10.8% a year, compared to 4.5% for the Wilshire 5000 Total Market Index W5000, -0.44% according to Hulbert Financial Digest."

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Barron's: "Candidates for the January Effect"
December 2015

Barron's Emily Bary cited George's top yearend bounce stock picks and investing advice. In "Candidates for the January Effect," Emily Bary reminds investors, "In the new year, consider giving the old year’s losers another shot, at least for a while. Many big stocks are down this year, which could create an opportunity for a January bounce." She goes on to name several stocks discussed in the Dec. '15 Turnaround Letter and quotes George: "Ultimately, longer-term fundamentals will drive the prices of these stocks, but you can often make good money from the yearend bounce pattern."

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MarketWatch: "What's Really Happening in the Junk-Bond Market"
December 2015

MarketWatch's Mark Hulbert tapped Putnam's expertise to determine the true fate of the junk-bond market—telling readers what recent indicators likely mean for future stock market prospects. Commenting on the rapid growth of high-yield exchange traded funds, Putnam noted, "They have become the investment vehicle of choice for short-term investors….Those investors tend to be trend followers and, therefore, are just the opposite of being contrarian."

Investment Digest "Small-Cap Values in Retail"
November 2015

In this "Daily Guru" feature, George focused on small-cap value stock picks and identifies three under-performing retailers with many of the ideal traits for a successful turnaround.


Kiplinger: "8 Struggling Blue-Chip Stocks That Are Ready to Rebound"
October 2015

Kiplinger tapped George Putnam's turnaround investing expertise in this value stocks write-up. Kathy Kristof notes: "Value investors love beaten-down stocks because the shares can quickly post outsized gains once the world discovers that the companies have turned the corner." In the same article, George asserts, “You have to have a strong stomach and be willing to go against the crowd. If you wait until the recovery is established, everyone piles in and you only get a fraction of the potential profit.”

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Hulbert Financial Digest: "Preparing for the Coming Bear Market"
September 2015

Hulbert Financial Digest echoed George's stock market advice emphasizing a calm, patient approach to long-term returns. "Preparing for the Coming Bear Market" highlights top-performing investment newsletters since 2000's bull market peak. Mark Hulbert praises The Turnaround Letter's market-beating results, noting, "These top performers are not prone to panic, in other words."

Investment Digest "Dividend Paying Stocks"
May 2015

In this "Daily Guru" feature, George detailed three key advantages of dividend-paying turnaround stocks—and names four timely value investing stock picks suitable for conservative investors looking to cash in.

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MarketWatch: "Investment Newsletters to Read Besides Buffet's"
March 2015

Mark Hulbert boldly proclaimed: "Warren Buffett is not the only investor who publishes a must-read newsletter." This MarketWatch article emphasizes that several have outperformed Berkshire Hathaway—with the added bonus of not making "you wait a whole year, as Buffett does, to get updated insights." Berkshire Hathaway's15-year annualized growth rate is 9.4%. Hulbert notes that The Turnaround Letter easily "bettered that return" with its 12.1%. Long story short, MarketWatch reminds investors: " don't need to look only to Buffett for ways to put that approach into practice."

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MarketWatch: "Run, Don't Walk, Away From This Year's Top Performer"
December 2014

MarketWatch warned investors to be cautious of short term performance ratings when picking an adviser--instead advocating a 15-year track record that "encompasses two powerful bull markets as well as the bursting of the Internet bubble and the Great Recession of 2008-2009." Mark Hulbert goes on to praise The Turnaround Letter's investing methodology and 15 year stock profit returns.

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Fiscal Times: "6 Top Value Picks for 2015 from Stock Newsletter Gurus"
December 2014

The Fiscal Times recognized The Turnaround Letter's market-beating results and buy and hold investing strategy. Michael Brush notes, "Before 2014 comes to a close, take a moment to meet some Rodney Dangerfields of the stock market—because it might boost your returns in 2015. You won't see these stock newsletter writers ranting on your favorite TV show. But they merit your attention more than the talking heads."

Market Watch

Hulbert Interactive: Turnaround Letter Ranked #1 
November 2014

Hulbert Interactive revealed its most recent best performance rating. As of October 31, 2014, the annualized return on The Turnaround Letter's stock picks over the past 15 years was 13.1%, vs. the S&P 500's 2.15%. Once again, the Stock, Fund & Newsletter Screener determined that The Turnaround Letter ranked as the highest performing investment newsletter among the nearly 200 monitored.


Investment Digest "New CEO's Guide These Turnarounds"
April 2014

In this recent "Daily Guru" interview, George highlighted four top turnaround stock picks from widely diverse industries. Each of these value investing opportunities shares one common, critical factor.

Bottom Line Stock Advice

Bottom Line/Personal's "5 Turnaround Stocks: Hard-Hit Companies Heading Up"
April 2014

Bottom Line/Personal interviewed George and proclaimed, "...Putnam is able to sift through the debris and look for reasons to believe that the company will not just survive but thrive." In this write-up, George reveals his favorite contrarian stock picks with maximum profit potential.





Investment Digest

Investment Digest: Turnaround Letter Stock Pick Named Best Performer of 2013
January 2014

Dick Davis’ Investment Digest recently announced its “best performer” for 2013: MGIC Investment (MTG), “which gained 194.08%—was chosen by George Putnam III of The Turnaround Letter." The report also identifies and details Putnam’s “single favorite investment idea" for 2014.

Contrarian Investing Citations

The Wall Street Journal/Market Watch: "Why Following the Winners is for Losers" Article & Best Investment Newsletter Performance Accolades
January 2014

This Wall Street Journal/Market Watch piece warns investors that "following last year's stock market leaders is a risky bet" and praises The Turnaround Letter's first place 15-year performance returns. Mark Hulbert writes, "[The Turnaround Letter's] "model portfolios have produced an average annualized return of 14.2% over the past 15 years, versus 4.7% annualized for the S&P 500, assuming dividends were reinvested."

Investment Digest "Turnarounds & Bounce Bets" Best Performer Interview 
December 2013 named George top performer out of all 80 "Top Picks" stocks. This feature interview updates investors on MTG's status and highlights select year-end bounce candidates.

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MSN Money: "Big Opportunity with Small-Cap Stocks"
October 2013

MSN Money’s Michael Brush featured The Turnaround Letter's AMR stock pick in this article naming seven promising purchase recommendations under $5, proclaiming that George, "a deep-value investor...[is] worth listening to."

The Money Show

The Motley Fool: "3 Oil & Gas Companies that Investors Should Love"
July 2013

Motley Fool analyzed Putnam’s June 2013 Oil & Gas options for income investors on the lookout for cheap valuation & generous dividends—ultimately declaring that George’s stock picks represent “good long-term holdings in investors’ energy portfolios.”

The Money Show "Two Picks from the Rebound King"
July 2013

In its "Daily Guru" feature,'s Steven Halpern interviewed George--seeking his expertise & advice on turnaround investing, in general. This segment also highlights The Turnaround Letter's BP & MGIC purchase recommendations.



Kiplinger Personal Finance: "5 Great Comeback Stocks"
June 2013

Kiplinger Personal Finance tapped Putnam’s contrarian investing expertise and shared the following Turnaround Letter stock picks with Kiplinger's readers: US Air, (LCC), Chiquita (CQB), MGIC (MTG) & Rite Aid (RAD).


HFD Stock Profit Report

Before It's News: Worst Performers Profile
May 2013

Before It's News profiled The Turnaround Letter's May 2013 "Stocks Keep Going Up: What's a Contrarian To Do?" article.


Forbes: "Bank Stocks: Nice Gains but Plenty More Ahead"
April 2013

Forbes cited The Turnaround Letter’s April 2013 financial sector stock recommendations.



Fox News

Fox Business Interview
April 2013

Fox Business  brought George back for a “victory lap”—praising his Hewlett Packard and Best Buy picks and asking for future recommendations. George details the promising turnaround investing opportunities from mortgage insurer stocks named in the February 2013 Turnaround Letter.

Bull & Bear's

Bull & Bear's Monetary Digest: "Year-End Bounce"
December 2012

Bull & Bear's Monetary Digest, which highlights top stock picks from the nation’s best-performing market timers, featured The Turnaround Letter’s “Year-End Bounce Candidates” article.

Fox News

Fox Business Interview
December 2012

Fox Business tapped George’s investing expertise, talking about the fiscal cliff, year-end stock picks and--primarily--the turnaround potential for The Turnaround Letter’s June 2012 purchase recommendation: Hewlett Packard (HPQ).

MSN Money

MSN Money“Top Picks” Feature
December 2012

MSN Money’s Michael Brush proclaimed George Putnam III one of his coveted “13 Top Picks from Top Pros for 2013”—calling him one of the two “favorite value managers for the past decade.” Specifically, Brush likes The Turnaround Letter’s November 2012 purchase recommendation for upscale hotel operator FelCor Lodging Trust (FCH).

Investment Digest: "Best Performers of the Year"
December 2012

Dick Davis’ Investment Digest selected The Turnaround Letter’s November 2011 OfficeMax (OMX) stock pick as its “best performer (by far)” for 2012—beating out 50 reputable competitors. Investment Digest proclaims that George “clearly has skill at selecting promising rebound candidates from a field of beaten-down stocks, many of which may never recover.”

Market Wrap with Mo Ansari

MarketWrap: "Betting on a Turnaround" Interview with Moe Ansari
September 2012

In light of Jack Hough’s Wall Street Journal article “Betting on a Turnaround,” George was asked to speak with MarketWrap about the benefits of a turnaround investing strategy in today’s “Aging Bull Market.”




MSN Money: Top Stocks Citation
May 2012

MSN Money published The Turnaround Letter’s May 2012 “A Likely Election Winner: Television and Radio Stations” article.

The Stock Advisors

The Stock Advisors: "Could Xerox Copy IBM's Turnaround?
September 2011

The Stock Advisors reprinted The Turnaround Letter’s August 2011 purchase recommendation and turnaround potential analysis for Xerox (XRX).

The Money Show "Great Time to Buy These 5 Stocks"
October 2011 highlighted The Turnaround Letter’s October 2011 article in its “Top Picks Top Pros” feature.



The Motley Fool

The Motley Fool: "The Turnaround Letter: Banking Stocks Ready for a Rebound"
July 2011

The Motley Fool praised The Turnaround Letter’s  July 2011 bank stocks recommendations.

Wall St. Nation

Wall Street Nation: "Reviewing Coca-Cola"
April 2011

Wall Street Nation shared George Putnam’s April 2011 analysis and purchase recommendation of the stock of Coca-Cola (KO).

Blogging Stocks

Blogging Stocks: "Turnaround Expert: A Six Pack of Rebound Buys"
November 2010

Blogging Stocks discussed The Turnaround Letter’s March 2011 turnaround purchase recommendations conducive to a turbulent stock market.

Yahoo Finance

Yahoo Finance: "Top-Performing Turnaround Letter Confident of Turnaround"
June 2010

Yahoo Finance shared The Turnaround Letter’s June 2010 energy sector recommendations.



Kiplinger Personal Finance: "8 Dirt-Cheap Stocks with Great Potential"
February 2010

Kiplinger Personal Finance praised The Turnaround Letter’s February 2010 “Stocks Below $5 With Cash (Redux)” write-up.




Forbes: "Dumpster Diving for Pearls"
January 2010

Forbes cited The Turnaround Letter’s January 2010 turnaround stock recommendations.

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Kiplinger points out that despite the post-election stock market surge, not all stocks have benefited from the uptick: "More than 100 issues in the S&P 500 have fallen in price this year, including dozens that have slumped by more than 10%....Yet these stocks won’t all stay in the dumps forever. Some will mount a comeback in 2017, making it an opportune time to try to identify the best candidates."


Quoting George Putnam, Kiplinger details five value opportunities for the new year.


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