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Subscribers profit from all that The Turnaround Letter has to offer:

  • George Putnam’s monthly value stock pick and straight-forward advice on current market activity
  • Timely stock research, analysis and insight
  • Step-by-step suggestions detailing how to invest with The Turnaround Letter
  • 12 monthly issues of The Turnaround Letter, delivered electronically via immediate browser download or hard-copy via U.S. mail
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How Can The Turnaround Letter Help You?

Our goal is simple: To help subscribers make money in the stock market. We go to great lengths to help investors accomplish that universal goal and accomodate risk tolerance--even providing a straight-forward "How to Use The Turnaround Letter" guide for all of our subscribers. 

Our investing strategy focuses on turnaround investing--an often misunderstood and under-appreciated niche. As contrarian investors, we do not to follow the crowd. The Turnaround Letter avoids the “blue chips” and “hot” stocks--instead cherry-picking select “troubled” companies poised for a rebound. Thirty years of investing experience has validated our simple philosophy: Beaten down stocks with real value will prevail regardless of the overall market.

Exciting growth and profit potential exists for select under-priced stocks that are poised for turnaround. Most of Wall Street neglects these depressed companies because they appear to be headed for failure, but it is precisely at this point that the greatest opportunities exist. The Turnaround Letter helps you seize these opportunities, grow your portfolio and maximize stock profit. The annualized return on our stock purchase recommendations over the past 15 years is 11.4%--vs. the S&P 500’s 8.1% (as of 6/30/17).

The stock picks and insight shared in The Turnaround Letter cannot be easily found anywhere else.

George Putnam shares his trustworthy and common sense investing insight that can bring you huge profit potential while minimizing your risk. The Turnaround Letter provides specific monthly stock picks you should add to your portfolio right now--and takes the guess work out of the equation for investors by monitoring and reporting on all those purchase recommendations right through the time a sale is advised.

TurnaroundLetter.com informs and educates subscribers about all the ins and outs of turnaround investing opportunities and the unlimited growth potential of these undervalued companies on the verge of reversal, rebound and recovery.

Win in both bull and bear markets.

Because turnaround situations often move independently of the overall market, they also enjoy the significant benefit of consistent profit potential regardless of which way the stock market is moving. The Turnaround Letter's purchase recommendations are always based on company fundamentals, not stock price, passing fads or market timing; and Putnam's diligent research offers timely, actionable advice about solid companies about to re-emerge with new profitability. With this timely data and analysis at your fingertips, you can reduce risk and increase stock profit.

Market-Beating Stock Picks

Each issue of The Turnaround Letter contains George Putnam’s hand-picked monthly purchase recommendation. Grow your investment portfolio by capitalizing on George Putnam's extraordinary value investing insight. Check out The Turnaround Letter's returns versus the S&P 500: 

Learn more about the methodology used to calculate The Turnaround Letter's performance.


Investment Advice from a Trusted Source

With over 30 years of stock market experience under his belt, George Putnam has developed a highly profitable, yet remarkably straight-forward formula for stock profit. He is acknowledged as one of the industry’s most respected and top-performing turnaround investors. A former USA Today "Investment Advisor of the Year," George is recognized by his peers for his market intelligence, the consistency of his approach and--most importantly--his ability to recognize turnaround stock profit opportunities. MoneyShow.com recently labeled him the "Rebound King, and Michael Brush of MSN Money calls George “…one of [his] two favorite value fund managers for the past decade.”

The Turnaround Letter offers a level market intelligence & insight typically reserved for Wall Street insiders--all with George Putnam's trademark Main Street approach & accessibility! You too can profit from this wealth of resources and direct access to Putnam's reliable, concise and actionable stock market advice and time-tested value investing strategy.


Now is the perfect time to let the "Rebound King" help guide you to turnaround stock profit.

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Turnaround Investing Blog

Turnaround Investing Blog

A Closer Look At Two Activist Campaigns

Watch to see if ADP’s CEO Carlos Rodriguez inadvertently helps Pershing, and his aggressive and sometimes personal stance against Ackman could backfire. Overall, because of the stock’s strong returns and Ackman’s weak credibility, we would give this activist campaign a low chance of making ADP a successful turnaround investment. For turnaround investors, the Trian campaign appears to have a win-win opportunity for investors--either Peltz joins the board and learns enough to re-invigorate P&G, or loses and management must either execute (boosting earnings and the shares) or they will face a more drastic proxy campaign with higher odds of success down the road. We think the P&G campaign could turn out well for shareholders.  Read More.

Warrants: A Solid Investment Opportunity

Warrants provide a valuable tool for the savvy investor. When selected and implemented well, they can be a smart addition to a diversified investor’s portfolio. Like options, warrants are not equity. They only convey the right to buy equity. As such, neither holder is entitled to dividend rights, pre-emptive rights, proxy voting or any share of any liquidation.


Value Investing


Warrants' return potential can be very high, but they also carry significant risks. Learn what they are, how they work, strategies to minimize risk and find profit with warrants.

Here's Why You Should Invest in Asset Managers


stock market advicex


This Forbes article cites a recent MoneyShow write-up that recommends investors take advantage of the strong stock market and potential interest rate hike by "putting some of your investment assets into the shares of asset management stocks."


The article praises The Turnaround Letter's OAK purchase recommendation and quotes George Putnam: "As the corporate debt binge that we’ve experienced since 2009 comes to an end, Oaktree will benefit from a growing number of restructurings and bankruptcies."  


Learn more about Putnam's investing success with turnaround stocks.