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January 2015

Volume: 29
Edition: 7
We recommend turnaround investors sell these four stocks now.

Sale Recommendations - January 2015

For various reasons, all four of these previous purchase recommendations are no longer optimal stock picks for turnaround investors. This is the time to sell and lock in earnings.
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This stock pick represents a great opportunity to add a first class company in an important sector to your portfolio.

Purchase Recommendation - January 2015

This stock pick is down by more than 20% from its mid-summer high, and the company boasts a rock solid balance sheet and pays a generous dividend. Its business is also well diversified, which helps to reduce the risk. There is also the added bonus of a restructuring program a few years back—putting the company in a better position than many of its competitors. We believe the decline in this stock's pricing over the last six months provides a great opportunity to add a first class company in an important sector to your portfolio.
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The 2014 crop of bankruptcies has not provided distressed investors with very many profits to date.

2014 Bankruptcy Review

A variety of companies with heavy debt loads face significant debt maturities in 2015 and early 2016. If volatility continues in the credit markets, these companies may not be able to refinance the debt when it comes due, and they will be forced to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.
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Five stock picks are not enough to provide adequate diversification to reduce risk.

Reluctantly Picking Favorites for 2015

Just as we are always hesitant to make a stock market forecast, we never like to pick out just a few of our stock picks as favorites. Around this time of year, however, we get persuaded to do it anyway.
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We remain wary of bonds because interest rates have to rise sometime.

Where Have We Been and Where Are We Going?

We believe that no investment newsletter can get away without making a stock market forecast this time of year. Therefore, after considering the various market currents and counter-currents, we predict that the S&P 500 Index will rise by…
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Three stocks have moved above our maximum recommended buying prices.

News Notes - January 2015

Take note of these changes to our active stock portfolio: one stock moved to hold and two buying ceilings raised.
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Distressed Investing Blog

Distressed Investing Blog

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George Putnam has always followed the same straight-forward and highly-profitable investment philosophy. He published his first Turnaround Letter issue back in 1986, and readers have seen extraordinary long-term stock profit ever since.


In fact, 12 of 2014's 13 closed-out purchase recommendations saw gains--with five of those enjoying total returns greater than 100%. The Turnaround Letter's average return for 2014's stock picks is +82%:


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* Calculation includes dividends and price changes between purchase recommendation and current price.


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