Bankruptcy/Chapter 11 / Post-Bankruptcy Stocks

Largest Bankruptcies of 2014


The chart below reveals the largest bankruptcies

of 2014, as ranked by total pre-petition assets:


Company Bankruptcy Date Description Assets
Energy Future Holdings Corp. 04/29/14 Utility Provider $40,970,000,000
NII Holdings, Inc. 09/15/14 Wireless Telecom $8,679,954,000
Genco Shipping & Trading Ltd. 04/21/14 Ocean Transport $2,957,254,000
Momentive Performance Materials 04/13/14 Silcone Products $2,694,000,000
USEC Inc. 03/05/14 Enriched Uranium $2,266,400,000
Eagle Bulk Shipping, Inc. 08/06/14 Ocean Transport $1,723,414,301
First Mariner Bancorp 02/10/14 Bank Holding Co. $1,377,529,000
James River Coal Company 04/07/14 Coal Production $1,204,121,000
Revel AC, Inc.  06/19/14 Resort Casino $1,148,200,000
Sorenson Communications, Inc. 03/03/14 Telecom Services $645,000,000
Tuscany Int'l. Drilling Inc. 02/02/14 Oil Services $645,000,000
MModal Holdings, Inc. 03/20/14 Health Data $626,811,000
Global Geophysical Services, Inc. 03/25/14 Seismic Data $552,875,000
Dolan Company, The 03/23/14 Prof. Svcs. $449,540,000
Brookstone, Inc. 04/03/14 Retailer $406,111,000
Coldwater Creek Inc. 04/11/14 Retailer $345,908,000
GSE Environmental, Inc. 05/04/14 Envir. Containers $266,152,000
Buccaneer Energy Limited 05/31/14 Oil & Gas Svcs. $152,266,307
Kid Brands, Inc. 06/18/14 Cons. Products $120,256,000
MIG, LLC 06/30/14 Telephony Svcs. $116,000,000


Chapter 11 Stock Report

Chapter 11 Report

Chapter 11 Stock Report

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