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Largest Bankruptcies of All Time


The chart below reveals the largest historic bankruptcy

filings, as ranked by total pre-petition asset figures:  


Company Bankruptcy Date Description Pre-Petition Assets*
Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. 09/15/08 Investment Bank $691,063
Washington Mutual, Inc. 09/26/08 Savings & Loan $327,913
WorldCom, Inc. 07/21/02 Telecommunications $103,914
General Motors Corporation 06/01/09 Man. & Sells Cars $91,047
CIT Group Inc. 11/01/09 Bank Holding $80,449
Enron Corp. 12/02/01 Energy Trading $65,503
Conseco, Inc. 12/18/02 Financial Services $61,392
Energy Future Holdings Corp. 04/29/14 Energy & Utilities $40,970
MF Global Holdings Ltd. 10/31/11 Comm. & Derivatives $40,542
Chrysler LLC 04/30/09 Man. & Sells Cars $39,300
Thornburg Mortgage, Inc. 05/01/09 Mortgage Lending $36,521
Pacific Gas and Electric Company 04/06/01 Elec. & Natural Gas $36,152
Texaco, Inc. 04/12/87 Petrol. & Petrochem. $34,940
Financial Corp. of America 09/09/88 Financial Services $33,864
Refco Inc. 10/17/05 Brokerage Services $33,333
IndyMac Bancorp, Inc. 07/31/08 Bank Holding $32,735
Global Crossing, Ltd. 01/28/02 Telecommunications $30,185
Bank of New England Corp. 01/07/91 Bank Holding $29,773
General Growth Properties, Inc. 04/16/09 Real Estate Mgmt. $29,557
Lyondell Chemical Company 01/06/09 Chemical Manufacturer $27,392

                 * Assets in $mil


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