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George Putnam, one of the country's leading turnaround and distressed investing professionals, shares his timely insight on the economy and turnaround investing opportunities.

Nothing Happened in October, Right?

Excerpted from November 2014 Issue
The S&P 500 is up about 0.6% for the month. That makes the month seem pretty uneventful and benign. But for anyone following the stock market day-by-day, October seemed anything but uneventful and benign. Learn how contrarians can leverage this information for value stock opportunity.
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Laggards Among the Laggards: Small Caps with Big Contrarian Potential

Excerpted from October 2014 Issue
These contrarian stock picks represent a diverse group of companies that have been among the worst performers in the Russell 2000 over the past year or so, trade reasonably actively and have decent businesses with good long term investing turnaround potential.
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Buy & Hold: The Turnaround Letter's Time-Tested Investing Strategy

Since publishing our first issue back in 1986, we’ve always recommended investors exercise patience. "Beware an Itchy Trigger Finger" identified ten stock picks with particularly promising long-term potential--and they all had the added bonus of paying dividends over 3% to further reward investor patience. Given our contrarian slant, each of these stocks was also generally out of favor with mainstream investors at the time of recommendation--adding value stock appeal.
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Digging through the S&P's Dumpster for Value Stock Profit Opportunity

Excerpted from August 2014 Issue
The S&P 500 has been one of the best stock market performers recently but that does not mean that all of its component stocks have fared well. We’ve identified select bottom performers with significant turnaround potential for those contrarians willing to bet against the crowd.
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Bank Stock Picks Still Cheap?

Excerpted from July 2014 Issue
While banks do still face headwinds such as ongoing litigation, increased regulation and reduced trading profits, these have been so heavily trumpeted in the financial headlines that bank stock prices have over-reacted on the downside.
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Russian Stocks: Enough Blood in the Streets?

Excerpted from June 2014 Issue
The idea behind contrarian investing is that negative geopolitical news typically spooks investors and pushes stock prices down sharply. We’re not brave enough to suggest buying Ukrainian stocks, but Russian stocks might be the next best thing. Not only is Russia Ukraine’s next door neighbor, but Russia is embroiled in—and some would say causing—much of the unrest in Ukraine.
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Health Management Value Stocks: Cheap in the Face of Uncertainty

Excerpted from May 2014 Issue
Although we have no idea what the ultimate effects of ObamaCare’s implementation will be on different individual stocks or groups of stocks in the sector, we are pretty sure the ACA is going to create some great healthcare stock investment opportunities.
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Know What You Don't Know

Excerpted from May 2014 Issue
We recommend investors not attempt to time the market—but rather, choose a level of stock market exposure and stick with it, focusing efforts on fundamental analysis of select stock picks.
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Distressed Investing Blog

Distressed Investing Blog

Mining Value Stocks: Beginning to Dig Out?

Because the crystal ball on all of this is still pretty hazy, I am once again suggesting that you focus on the larger players with the stronger balance sheets. Many of the smaller, more leveraged miners and metals producers may not survive if commodity prices stay low for a prolonged period. Read More.

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