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George Putnam, one of the country's leading turnaround and distressed investing professionals, shares his timely insight on the economy and turnaround investing opportunities.

Recent Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Activity: A Blip or a Trend?

As we’ve been saying for some time, a large number of highly leveraged companies will have to restructure their balance sheets in the not-too-distant future, and so this could be the beginning of a trend.
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Bulls Make Money; Bears Make Money...but Pigs get Slaughtered

As a result of the recent five-year anniversary of the low point from the 2008-09 stock market meltdown, we’ve been reading a lot about the bull market and thought readers might find a little background information on the topic of interest.
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Can A New CEO Lead The Stock Upward?

Excerpted from April 2014 Issue
One of the characteristics we look for in turnaround stock is a change in top management and this lead us to look at the class of new CEOs who took over struggling companies in 2012.
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How Will the Recall Issue Affect GM Stock?

Because General Motors is currently the subject of many negative headlines arising from a significant recall relating to ignition switches, we wondered what long-term effect the recall would have on GM’s stock. Our best guess is “very little.”
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Turnaround Mutual Funds: The Few, the Brave & the Potentially Profitable

Excerpted from March 2014 Issue
While we normally focus on individual value stocks, from time to time, we like to look at mutual funds that focus on turnaround investing.
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Fifth Anniversary of 2008-09 Stock Market Low: Looking for Laggards Poised to Rebound

Excerpted from March 2014 Issue
Being contrarian investors, we aren’t inclined to chase the stock market winners. Instead, we like to sift through the losers, looking for value stocks that have been left behind but still offer promising stock profit opportunity.
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Wall Street 101: A Brief Overview of Stock Trading

The Turnaround Letter does not recommend stocks listed on the OTC Bulletin Board or Pink Sheets because their liquidity is insufficient: We choose not to include risky start-ups, new issues, “penny” mining stocks or speculative options or futures in our portfolio...
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W.R. Grace Emerges from Bankruptcy: A Couple of Lessons for Investors

W.R. Grace (stock symbol GRA), a specialty chemical producer, emerged from Chapter 11 earlier this month after nearly 13 years in bankruptcy and provided a couple of lessons to investors.
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Stock Market Forecast: As January Goes...

Excerpted from February 2014 Issue
With the stock market turning down in January, many investors are looking to crystal balls for guidance on where the market is going for the rest of the year. Instead of worrying about what the market is going to do, you are much better off with a long term investing approach--seeking out good stocks and sticking with them for the long haul.
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WSJ Highlights The Turnaround Letter with Best 15-Year Returns Among Newsletters

The Wall Street Journal recently highlighted the contrarian investing approach that many Turnaround Letter subscribers have become accustomed to. Author Mark Hulbert believes that “following last year’s stock market is a risky bet” and has cited George Putnam’s The Turnaround Letter with the best 15-year returns.
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Distressed Investing Blog

Distressed Investing Blog

Looking for a Year-End Bounce: Stock Profit from Artificial Selling Pressures

Looking to cash in on timely tax loss selling and portfolio window dressing? These 10 year-end bounce stock picks represent the worst performers in the S&P 500 during calendar 2014, adjusted somewhat so that there is good diversification by industry group. Read More.

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